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Ready to get the car running again

Since it was Saturday I figured it wouldn’t be until Monday until the distributor came. Late in the afternoon a delivery truck pulls up and a guy drops a box at my front door. My new distributor was here! I opened it up and went over the instructions. The general consensus was to bump the engine to a specific point to mark the rotor and make not of that position so I know where to put the new one in at. I called my friend and he wasn’t able to stop over but he offered some good advice and I attempted to take on the task of switching the distributors myself. I took note of where the rotor was pointing, made note of where the plug wires went and then loosened the distributor hold down and lifted the old one out. I put a little lube in the new distributor’s gear and placed it in the hole. It went in no problem. I proceeded to tighten up the distributor hold down. I figured out why it was loose when I took it out. Last time someone switched it out, the hold down wasn’t even on the distributor collar! I made sure it was on the collar this time and locked the cap on. I then plugged all the wires back up and after one last look over everything, I climbed in the driver’s seat and cranked it over. It started on the first try! Since this distributor has a vacuum advance on it, I will set the timing and plug a hose onto the carburetor. From now on it should be getting a little better gas mileage and little more power. Now that it’s running again, it’s time to get back to aligning the body parts.