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The tires on the car go round and round

After sitting in a field for so long, the tires had dried out and cracked along the sides. This meant time for new tires. I shopped around for the best deal and found suitable replacements at Tires Plus.

I opted for now to stay with the Rally Wheels and same size tires that were already on the car. I brought the wheels in and waited while the Firestone FR380’s were installed and balanced. When they were done, I backed my car up and proceeded to load them in. I thought to myself, “these look smaller than the old ones” but continued to load them in. I was excited to get the new rubber home and put them on.

When I got there, I cleaned up the chrome rings and started to put them on the wheels. Then I noticed something odd, the tires on the rims where 195’s instead of 215/75/14’s. I called the shop and he told me to bring them back and they would switch them out. No idea how that happened, but we got them switched out and they are back on the car now. I chose to go Blackwall out, the Whitewall on these rims just didn’t seem to go good.